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West, Meet East

Ganbei Baijiu is a modern take on an ancient spirit from China


Ganbei Baijiu

Ganbei (pronounced Gahn-Bay) is the way people in China say “cheers”. However, ganbei directly translates to “dry cup” so when someone says “Ganbei!” it really means, bottoms up.


Deeply rooted in tradition and celebration, Ganbei Baijiu brings an ancient Chinese spirit into modern times. Ganbei is an approachable, full-bodied spirit with subtle, earthy tones. It is punctuated by notes of stone fruit, anise, and elder flower. Ganbei Baijiu is fruit forward with a crisp, light finish.


Ganbei Baijiu is a Strong Aroma baijiu fermented, distilled and aged in the state of Inner Mongolia, in the north of China. We are partnered with a Master Blender who has a deep understanding of baijiu. She used her expertise to put together a baijiu that is fermented for 70 days, traditionally distilled and then aged for 32 months in clay vases.


Ganbei Baijiu is fermented, distilled, aged and blended by the master artisans at Hetao Liquor. They are located in Northern China on the Hetao Plain which is bordered by the great Yellow River. This is fertile land that allows Hetao to grow all of their own grains including sorghum, wheat, corn and rice. With over 60 years of distilling experience Hetao is truly one of the great baijiu distilleries of China and the world.

Award Winning

2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Ganbei Baijiu earned a Gold Medal in the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. This award is given for , “Exceptional spirits that are near the pinnacle of achievement; these products set the standard for their categories.“


2019 Denver International Spirits COMPETITION

Ganbei Baijiu earned a Gold Medal in the 2019 Denver International Spirits Competition. This is a double blind competition where medals are a awarded on merit to very high quality spirits.


What is Baijiu?

Baijiu is the most consumed spirit on earth. It is a distinct liquor category with many sub categories, just like whiskey, gin or vodka.  It dominates the liquor market in its home country of China. Baijiu, in Mandarin, literally translates to "White Liquor."  It is traditionally made with sorghum and often includes other grains such as wheat, rice and corn.

where to Find Ganbei Baijiu

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Our purpose is to connect global communities through their local spirits.

Ganbei Baijiu is the result of a long journey, centuries of Chinese cultural, and the innovative potential of cross-cultural friendship.


Andrew H.

Co-founder and CEO Andrew is an avid consumer of spirits and world traveler. Andrew grew to love baijiu while studying in Hangzhou and traveling across China. If not talking baijiu, you can find Andrew competing in endurance sports, playing a new VR game, or studying at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Kockyo X.

Co-Founder and Chief of International Strategy and Operations. Originally from Changsha, China, Kockyo now lives in Chicago and enjoys playing the piano and running in her free time.


Alec F.

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Alec is an experienced brewer and adventure seeker. Alec's first time in China was on a sourcing trip to seek out the best baijiu in China. Since then, he's been hooked and loves to share all he has learned about baijiu. He is a connoisseur of all delicious liquids - coffee, beer, whiskey, and most importantly, baijiu. Alec is a year-round biker, even in snowy Minneapolis.